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Gong Xi Gong Xi! Happy Chinese New Year.

I would like to wish Happy Chinese New Year 2011 to my friends and  anyone who celebrates this prosperous eve.

Hopefully the rabbit will bring more success and happiness.

Yesterday, I had seen fireworks  right at 12 midnight. It sounds like gun fire. It was like a war and  can be seen from my apartment. It lasted for several hours…It was so amazing.

When you see me cooking!?

Yesterday I held a small dinner at home to celebrate my birthday. So i decided to cook something special, such as we eat at restaurants. But..I do not know how to cook. Hmmm… luckily, my friend, volunteer to help me prepare a meal. . He suggest me to cook Beef Rissole. OMG.! So this will be my first try and it is challenging.

Ingredients were easily found in supermarkets. So I think anyone can cook but not me.
This recipe is suitable for serving 8-10 people.

The ingredients are:

2 kg of minced meat, beef cube, eggs , basel leaves,bay leaves, parsley flakes, oregano, butter, potatoes, Beef Gravy, onion , garlic, butter, button mushrooms, green peas

Preparation of beef

Added ingredients, such as in the picture below. Mix and knead until smooth.

Onions , garlic and bay leaves blended together

Put flour, eggs (2 pieces) and the blended onions and garlic

Then, put the meat into the mold and wrapped in plastic and put in

After left overnight in the refrigerator, then it may be fried or grilled

While frying, I prepared the gravy. Saute the onion and bay leaves.


Mix beef gravy beef and parsley flakes.


Pour (B) into (A) . Then stir until cooked (C)

Sliced button mushrooms

Fry the onions, button mushrooms and green peas. And put (C). Once cooked, pour over the meat that has been fried.

Potato Salad

Cut and fried potatoes.

Drained oil

Use  butter, onions and garlic to fry potatoes. and add parsley flakes

Lettuce as a garnish with meat and potatoes

Dinner is ready!!!

My friends have praised the cooking. Even though not the same as cooking in the restaurant or hotel. But I am very satisfied…for me it is PERFECT.. and credit must be given to Hafiz for have been prepared for the dish. Thank you Hafiz!!

A Trip To Bandung (Part 4)

On our last day , we visited the ‘Wisata Kawah Putih’.  Like the previous day .. in the early morning we had
moving towards the destination. Wisata Kawah Putih is a volcanic crater of mount Patuha with altitude 2434 meters above the surface sea temperature between 8-22 ° C.

It is located about 46 km from the city of Bandung

It also has a legendary story.

Along the way, I have been through beautiful villages and rice fields.



Farmers are harvesting rice

i love this

The entrance

Time to eat roasted corn

after paying entrance fee, we were asked to board the shuttle provided to the top


The talented little musician

walk to the crater

Say Cheese!

The Scenery around the crater

The lake has distinctive features and unique characteristics. The water  may change color, sometimes colored bluish green apple when the hot sun and fine weather, sometimes the color of milk chocolate. Often seen in white water is thick with fog over the crater surface. In addition to the crater surface is white, sand and rocks around it were dominated by white color, hence the crater is called White crater 0r ‘Kawah Putih’

The Scenery around the crater

The Scenery around the crater

The fog

Trying to find for the right angle

sleepy hollow

On the way back

Strawberry that I bought

Nice View

Strawberry farm

At 3 pm we went back  to the city. Shopping in Bandung before returning to the hotel. That night, I had to pack the goods before returning to Malaysia . I could not sleep despite having to chase the early morning flights.lol. Maybe because I was too exhausted and excited, talking to friends about our holiday.

Although the trip is short, but I got a lot of new experiences. Perhaps in future I will go back to Bandung.

A Trip to Bandung (Part 3)

On the third day, we went to one of the famous tourist destination in Bandung the ‘Wisata Alam Tangkuban Perahu’ as a peak appears like a boat upside down with a height of 2084 meters above sea level. It is located about 30 km from the city.
I’m was really scared. What do you expect to visit the volcano.?  But I noted that it is an inactive volcano.
Along the way there I could see a beautiful scenery . The rice fields are located on the hillside. Really amazing!

Driving to the volcano


Bandung's Cowboy

Bandung's Cowboy

Views of the mountains

Paddy on hillside

The sky

After nearly an hour, we finally reached the destination.. at last.
The first time I saw a volcano in front of my eyes was unforgetable experience . It’ssmells like sulfur. There were booths available for locals to sell crafts and other items either at the row of booths provided or pedestrian walkways.

Behind : the volcano


Wisata Alam Tangkuban Perahu


Turn to B&W

After 2 hours we were on the mountain. We went back to the city to shopping…again.

Jalan Cihampelas

Spiderman at Jalan Cihampelas

Super Rambo Jeans

… ..When I was at ‘Pasar Baru’… suddenly i was startled  by a small earthquake . I was on the 2nd floor continues to run to a safer place outside the building. The situation outside was  crowded with people even I could not move. . I was  panicked. This is my first experience of an earthquake.
Luckily nothing bad happened. I saw some crying ..


We stuck for 2 hours before everything was ok.

I was not able to say  a word .. Before back to hotel. We stopped at the  stalls that sell ‘Ayam Bebek Lele’
It is eaten with fried chicken or duck, salads, chili and rice wrapped in banana leaves.

Ayam Bebek Lele

Everything fried!

Rice wrapped in banana leave

Rice wrapped in banana leaves

I was still in shock …. but I will not let it ruin the holiday.
I left that night  …and

Look forward to the final part …..

Street at night

A Trip To Bandung (Part 2)

Since early morning, We have been preparing.. .  to see the volcano for the first time in front of my eye. After breakfast at the hotel. We have been told that the trip  canceled due to rain . I felt a little disappointed.
Then we were taken to   ‘Pasar Baru’.
‘Pasar Baru’ is a place where locals sell their products such as sarongs, batik, and food.. I do not miss the opportunity to buy a few pieces as souvenirs.

I stoped to buy batik

I bought 10 pieces of sarong

A typical view in Bandung

View of the city

Then…? Of course, lunch..  We lunch at Simpang Tiga Restaurant. Simpang Tiga is a restaurant that sells ‘nasi padang’ . Food is served to us in small dishes containing a variety of dishes and rice.

In the middle is our tour guide

Fried Eggplant..yummmy

After that we move to  factory outlet. There are many factory outlets  in Bandung, which sells  variety of clothing, bags, leather and accessories from various brands. Importantly all of these can be purchased at bargain prices.

At Toko Tiga


This statue caught my attention

stuck in traffic


Hey...what you have bought?

Paris Van Java - the must go

At 9 pm we went back to the hotel. Before that…


What I'm waiting for

Seafood Kuew Teow

crab soup

To be continued…. next episode

A Trip to Bandung (Part 1)

A Trip to Bandung, Indonesia. My friend and I had been planning to go there for a year.  Apart from visiting foreign countries, our  goal to get there is for shopping. It is said,  Bandung is  the best place for shopping . There are many factory outlet sell branded clothes with affordable prices.

Bandung Airport

As usual, we choose Airasia.  A low-cost airlines. We departed from LCCT Sepang
at 4 pm. Flights take about 2 hours. We arrived at the airport in Bandung (Bandara Husein Sastranegara Bandung).

Outside the airport, tour guides were waiting for our arrival. The weather in Bandung a little cooler than Malaysia. Perhaps because of Bandung lies in the hills and highlands.

The Orange House

We were then taken to the accommodation we have booked, the Orange House. Although relatively small, but comfortable and nice and worth for economic holiday . At 8.30 pm we check in. . Since noon we have yet taking any meal.  So we asked tour guide took us to restaurants.


The Sari Pawon Restaurant

We went to Sari Pawon restaurant that serves Sunda’s food.
I ate ‘Nasi liwet’ . It is a special menu. The rice served with fried fish, vegetables, ‘tempe’ or tempeh, jackfruit soup and salad. Tempeh (/ˈtɛm.peɪ/), or tempe, is a traditional soy product originally from Indonesia. It is made by a natural culturing and controlled fermentation  process that binds soybeans into a cake form, similar to a very firm vegetarian burger patty. It was so delicious!

Nasi Liwet

After dinner, we returned to the hotel and relax. The next day….. another interesting location for us to explore…..

Rainforest World Music Festival 2011!

To all of you out there, do not miss  the Rainforest World Music Festival ( RWMF ) this year . Tickets are on sale.!
I’m sure, for those who love music will not want to miss. This year, RWMF will be held on July 8 to 10. Venue remains the same as in previous years,  the Sarawak Cultural Village, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

The Rainforest World Music Festival is a unique festival that brings together on the same stage renowned world musicians from all continents and indigenous musicians from the interiors of the mythical island of Borneo.
Here we can see different types of music from different country and the world participating in this event. During the 3-day,different types of music from all local, regional, and international artists performing high quality jazz in all styles, genres, and approaches.
We can see different types of music are joined to make a stunning presentation. In the evening will be held concerts / performances by musical groups from each country to be a hit with the audience . Dance stage is also available  in front of the main stage. For those who want to dance to the rhythm of the song … you are welcome. You will definitely felt like being in another world. Imagine you are all enjoying this all under the kanopie of trees.
And most importantly, it is in the Borneo rain forest which is one of the oldest forests on earth.

You can also go to ‘”The Rainforest World Craft Bazaar’. This bazaar held at the same location .  You may have the opportunity to see very unique handicrafts and merchandise  for you to buy from various countries.

Besides, you can see the  cultural / ethnic performance  from each country . Also an informative workshops, ethno-musical lectures, jamming sessions and mini concerts And I am sure  do not have to worry about
to get food and drinks. There are many booths available.

What about ticket prices? Good question .. Here I enclose the info you need. You can buy tickets via online or purchase directly at the venue. But you are advised to purchase online. Probably sold out!

Type of Pass Adult (RM)
aged 12 years & above
Child (RM)
aged 3-12 years
1-Day Pass RM110.00 RM55.00
3-Days Pass*
* not available at venue
RM300.00* RM150.00*

For more information, check this out  http://www.rainforestmusic-borneo.com
Online ticket? try this : www.ticketcharge.com.my.
Venue overview : http://www.scv.com.my/
With the price offered, it is worth it. Come and join me at the Rainforest World Music Festival this year.

p / s: See you there!

Photos taken at RWMF 2009.

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Recently, I was shocked when i heard one of colleagues  has
diabetes at a critical stage. More scary when the wound on his leg had spread due to
of infection and diabetes. Doctors had decided to cut off the legs.!
I was silent for a moment upon hearing the news. I was very scared. I am a person who likes to take
food and sweet drinks each day. I feel  incomplete if the food and drink that I take is not sweet.

Before this, I have heard a lot about diabetes suffer by family, neighbors or friends. But I do not care.Because I think I’m young.
I might not be suffering from this disease. But lately, I quickly felt
fatigue when performing daily activities
even just walking. Tired at the office. I often feel thirsty. From what I read, it is a sign
those who have diabetes.!

What is sugar?! To me, sugar is the thing we always add in drink and
food. Sugar is sweet or candy. But it’s not alone. Here I want to share what I
did not know before about the sugar.

Facts About Sugar.

Sugars are simple carbohydrates that provide instant energy source that is easily absorbed by the body.
Naturally, the sugar found in foods containing carbohydrates such as rice, noodles, bread, pasta and tubers. Sugar is also found in fruits in the form of fructose, and lactose in milk.
In addition there is the natural form of sugar is added to food during preparation or processing.
Intake of added sugar in the diet is not necessary because the sugar can be obtained from foods containing carbohydrates. When we go to market..please read the label. Sugars may be listed as sucrose (sucrose), fructose (fructose), sorbitol, mannitol (mannitol), corn syrup (corn syrup), honey (honey), malt, malt extract (malt extract), maltose (maltose ), extracts of rice (rice extract), molasses (molasses), golden syrup and inverted sugar.


1. Excessive intake of sugar can lead to excessive energy intake.
2. Daily energy intake over the long term can lead to increased body weight and obesity. This situation will become      more serious if the diet is high in fat and lack of physical activity performed.

3. Obesity and overweight increase the risk of various chronic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease!
4. A person who is overweight or obese have a higher risk for various chronic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease and some cancers .
5. Sugar is also a major cause of dental caries !


1. Drink plain water to replace sugary drinks such as carbonated water, syrup and cordial.
2. Limit sugar, sweetened condensed milk, sweetened condensed milk filling and sweetened creamer to 1 teaspoon for each cup.
3. Avoid adding sugar to a dish. Prepare cake and cake low sugar content.
4. Avoid sugary foods and drinks in between main meals and before bedtime.
5. Eat fruit for dessert in place of sugary foods like cookies, cakes and porridge.
6. Read labels and avoid products that list sugar at the beginning of the list of ingredients.
7. Choose a product labeled “low sugar” and “sugar free”.

How about you? From now on I should be taking the wise steps to
avoid any disease caused by the sugar. There is a proverb saying “prevention is better than cure”.
Remember! We will die if it does not eat sugar, but we will die more quickly if we over-eating sugar!


Don’t know what to do… I took my camera and take pictures. Trying to find a subject and  just shoot .

I uploaded some pictures for me to share with you. Together, I attach a little info to share. But I’m not sure if I’m using the right setting.

I would appreciate any opinions and suggestion. Thanks!

Exposure :    1/30
F    : 5.3
ISO :  1600
Flash  : off
Lens focal length    62
Color space information    sRGB
White balance    Auto WB


F :   5.6
Exposure :   Normal
ISO :    400
Flash    Flash off
Color space information    sRGB
White balance    Auto WB


Exposure :   1/30
F :   2.2
ISO :   500
Flash    Flash off
Color space information    sRGB
Exposure mode    Manual
White balance    Manual WB


Exposure :   1/320
F :  2.2
ISO :   500
Flash    Flash off
Color space information    sRGB
White balance    Manual WB